Now It's Time To Show Us What You've Got!

Before submitting, please make sure you've done the following things to help your video stand out! Remember, video examples and scholarship recipients will be selected based on their combo videos.


Got a question? We love them!

Make sure to start off your video submission with any questions you have about the combo to ensure that we don't miss them!


Audition Number

As a part of your DDI Confirmation, you received an audition number for you to cut out and pin to your clothes while filming your video submissions. 

Make sure your number is visible at the beginning of your video so we can consider you for scholarships!


In order to be considered for class feedback and scholarships, your video must be submitted by 9:00pm in the time zone that the live event is taking place.

Your DDI confirmation will clarify the live events timezone.

Film Horizontaly

When capturing your submission video, make sure to have your phone or camera in a horizontal or landscape orientation. This helps us see any traveling movements clearly in a greater amount of space.

If you are taking the DDI with a group of other registered participants, make sure no submission includes more than three participants in the video at one time.

Ready? Let's Go!

Start by selecting which set of classes you are submitting to.