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Setting Up Your DanceBlast Account Is Quick & Easy!

Click on the icon of the program that you're registered for to create your account and password. Make sure you remember the email address and password you used to create your account, you will need to use this information to login and participate in class! If you already have a DanceBlast account, scroll down to the bottom of the first check out page and click the words Log In.


On the final check out page, use the redemption code that was sent to you in the Discount Code field on the right hand side.


You will not need to enter any credit card or payment information as long as you are utilizing the code that has been assigned to you.

WCDE Classics Postcard - Back-01.png
WCDE Classics Postcard - Back-01.png
WCDE Classics Postcard - Back-01.png

West Coast Classics


West Coast Dance Explosion is excited to provide exclusive access to our library of breakdown videos from seasons past. Redeem your code that you received at the teacher meeting below!

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